Thursday, October 23, 2008

kitchen curtains

A few years ago, I bought up a few cheap (and I mean CHEAP) kitchen curtain sets at Building 19, which is a major "bargain barn" type place here in the northeast. They aren't even my style, but they did the trick for a few years and made things presentable.

Earlier today I knocked the curtain over the sink off it's holder in my gloriously gracefull attempt (successfull attempt) to climb in the window. Yeah. I locked myself out. Instead of rehanging the curtain, I decided not to bother and to try my hand at making my own curtains from some stash.

Since I was forced to suffer the humiliation of breaking into my own house, and having it take about an hour and a half, (thankfully yesterday's rain has changed to bright, if cold, skies) I decided to treat myself to some blog surfing time. I haven't done this in what seems like ages! So what do you know...I ran accross Thimbly Things' Kitchen week! So cool, I love her style and thought process!

Monday, September 15, 2008


I really want to try this top from Simplicity (3571), just like Darling Petunia did! She has a knack of finding great fabric and patterns that aren't super difficult! This will likely make a great place for me to start!

Oil Cloth?

Darling Petunia has the greatest ideas, this one is for covering a bench with oil cloth when you can't find oil cloth. The solution? Check it out and see!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

painting in the rain

I love this idea! And who says we can only do it with kids?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Bead-Embelished Tote

I just love this Pop Garden Tote by Meg of Boutique Nutmeg Designs!

The things I love most about it are the creative appliqueing of the floral material over corduroy and the beaded embelishment! Two of my favorite things!

Gift Boxes

How perfect is this?!

For all our hand-made christmas presents this year, we can make these Origami Gift Boxes!

I found this site through Design*Sponge, always on top of the latest and greatest! They made one box from a 9 1/2" square as the bottom and the top box (cover) was made from a 10" square piece of wrapping paper.

Of course, the heavier the gift, the thicker the paper we'll need.

T-shirt refashion links

A lot of the tutorials at OhMyStars aren't quite my style, but there are clear instructions and I'm getting lots of ideas for things that would be my style.

Generation T is also a fantastic source of t-shirt refashionationating inspiration!

I also found another use for a Tee, along with other great tutorials at including cowl-neck and boat-neck tees.

Very funny commentary here, which references WhattheCraft, which is way cool!

Oh my word, can you tell Hyung is back? I'm starting to talk like a teenager again!